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Pongro, Kaoh Soutin, Kampong Cham: 05354

Pongro is located in Kampong Cham, Kaoh Soutin. Its zip code is 05354 .

Region 3-Postcode

Region 3 City Postcode (ZIP)
Pongro Ampil 17454
Pongro Pongro 17454
Pongro Ta Paen 17454
Pongro Dang Kdaong 10307
Pongro Pongro Bei 10307
Pongro Pongro Muoy 10307
Pongro Pongro Pir 10307
Pongro Tnaot 10307
Pongro Am Tong 06463
Pongro Ou Reang 06463
Pongro Pongro 06463
Pongro Srah Smabuor 06463
Pongro Ta Prey 06463
Pongro Thnal Kaeng 06463
Pongro Tradak Pong 06463
Pongro Thmei 04257
Pongro Toap Tbaeng 04257
Pongro Trapeang Pou 04257
Pongro Trapeang Thum 04257
Pongro Andoung Pour 04257

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