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Lvea, Bavel, Battambang: 02403

Lvea is located in Battambang, Bavel. Its zip code is 02403 .

Region 3-Postcode

Region 3 City Postcode (ZIP)
Lvea Chreas 17707
Lvea Doun Tro 17707
Lvea Kouk Srama 17707
Lvea Kouk Thmei 17707
Lvea Kumru 17707
Lvea Lvea 17707
Lvea Preah Angk Trong 17707
Lvea Prohut 17707
Lvea Roka 17707
Lvea Snao 17707
Lvea Stueng Preah Srok 17707
Lvea Tuol Lvieng 17707
Lvea Tnaot Chroh 14407
Lvea Boeng Snao 14407
Lvea Kampong Thnal 14407
Lvea Lvea 14407
Lvea Peani 14407
Lvea Prey Kduoch 14407
Lvea Prum Khsach 14407
Lvea Samraong 14407

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